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Christian-Atheist Dialogue

Is meaningful conversation possible?

June 2017

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Untidy Minds
How should a Christian live surrounded by the moral morass of today’s entertainment world?
The Gift of Giving
The first-century Christians demonstrated generosity.
The Desperate Man of Romans 7
Have you ever felt as though God couldn’t accept you because you couldn’t overcome a bad habit?
Living With Children
Teens Who use Marijuana

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The Detox Debate
Are detox diets everything they claim to be?
Living With Fewer Regrets
You don’t have to hang on to them forever.
God in His Underwear
What values do you most appreciate—love, humility, or graciousness?
What-If Land
Live confident and worry-free.
How to Develop Your Prayer Life
Maintaining a regular devotional life can be a challenge.
The High Price of Sin
Ellen G. White tells the story of Jesus’ crucifixion.
Bringing Change to Children
An aid agency helping young people toward a better life
Real Religion Is . . .
Charles Paddock’s story illustrates the truth that religion is more than going to church and saying long prayers.
Religion in the News

Inside Your Brain
Phubbing and the Brain
Food Matters
Eat to Beat Cancer
Discover the Bible’s Answers to Your Questions