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How Evil Began

The origin of evil is one of the most perplexing issues theologians try to deal with. Mark Finley points out the Bible’s answer to that question.

June 2016

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The Transforming Power of Graciousness
Judy Hammersmark shares some thoughts about what it means to be gracious and how you can incorporate that quality into your own life.
How We Got the Bible
There are many religious books that could have made it into the Bible. George Knight tells us why there are only 66.
A Puff of Smoke
According to Loren Seibold, even seemingly mundane behaviors have huge spiritual consequences.
Living With Children
Parenting a Grandchild.

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The Ultimate Identity Theft
And you thought people being able to steal our identities was bad!
A Peak Unto Ourselves
The hidden dangers of individualism.
High-Impact Sports and Your Brain
Arlene R. Taylor warns about the danger to the brain in sports that cause severe head injuries.
Our Deepest Fear
Fear is both friend and foe.
The End of the World . . . Again?
According to one prediction, 2016 will mark the end of the world—the day God “puts an end to sin.” Kim Peckham investigates the truth—or falsehood—behind it all.
Flourishing in Cambodia
Why paying people a fair wage matters.
God’s Memory Bank
Nancy Schafner tells about an incident in her life that helped her to understand a Bible text that had puzzled her.
Night of Miracles
Rosie Boom didn’t know that God would use her final exam to help save a little girl’s life.
Teens and Credit Cards
As a teen, Jill Genobaga learned the hard way the result of misusing a credit card. Now she gives advice to other teens on how to use the plastic wisely.
And What Then?
An unknown author tells a story that reminds us of a question we’ll all have to answer someday, and the sooner the better.
Religion in the News

Food Matters: The Healthiest Spreads
The Healthiest Spreads
Your Bible Questions