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Spiritual but Not Religious

Increasingly, people are leaving organized religion, especially young people. Yet they say they want to be spiritual.

June 2013

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Eternity: Fact or Fantasy?
Everything we experience seems to have an end. Does anything in the universe last forever?
Good, Better, Best
Charles Mills discusses several way you can improve your diet and dramatically affect your well-being and your longevity.
Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
Do you have unopened presents from God sitting around in your life? Curtis Rittenour explains the meaning of spiritual gifts.
Food Matters: Boost Your Beans


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How to Pray
Praying to God is much like having a conversation with Him. But do you wonder how to go about it? Lee Dunstan explains how to begin.
Too Tired to Love?
Karen Holford provides some tips that can help couples who are frazzled with life's multiple demands remain close to each other.
The Rich and the Poor
Geoff Youlden points out that financial greed and the world's disparity in incomes may in fact bring good news.
Mission to Nepal
A move to Nepal gave Tammy Moses a fresh insight into one of Jesus' famous quotes.
Beginning Again
Nancy Canwell says she and her family were baptized when she was ten, and she explains the meaning of that ritual.
Whether young or old, there's a trend developing with people who want to help turn the tide of poverty.
The Heart of Jesus
A chance encounter gave Jo Cox a glimpse of divine love and helped her understand that it can be reflected in the most humble face.
Lesson on an Airplane
Troy Fitzgerald tells a story that illustrates the principle of giving up something in order to benefit another person.
Multiplication God's Way
Harley Larkin had an unusual experience, which reminded him that God cares even about the small needs in our lives.
Bible Discovery: The Meaning of Baptism

Living With Children: Commonsense Talk?

Your Bible Questions
If Lucifer rebelled against God in a perfect heaven, how can we be sure that someone in the distant future won't rebel against Him again?