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Hell: Does the End Have an End?

The notion of a God who deliberately tortures sinners throughout the endless ages of eternity is totally incompatible with a God of infinite love, so how should we view this topic? Samuele Bacchiocchi looks at the options.

May 2016

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Your Unseen Guide
Melissa Howell shares what she’s learned about the Holy Spirit through the various ups and downs of her Christian life.
When God Spoke to Me
What does it mean to “hear” God’s voice? How does He “talk” to us? Amy Joy Hess asked those questions and came up with some helpful answers.
The Truth Is Out There
Is there an ultimate truth, or does our knowledge constantly change with new information? Loren Seibold asks what this means for our understanding of the Bible.
Food Matters: Alternative Sweeteners
Sugar has gotten a bad rap for being highly refined and for being a source of empty calories. And it deserves the bad rap when taken in large amounts.

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Bean There?
The United Nations has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses. Stefanie Thorpe investigates what it is about beans that warrants such acclamation.
Putting Money in Its Place
Do you think the only thing the Bible says about money is that it’s “the root of all evil”? Bruce Manners shares seven reasons to think again.
Nicole Sandy experienced firsthand what that ubiquitous phrase “beauty is more than skin deep” really means.
Living Her Dream
What do you do when family and society expect you to forgo an education to marry and bear children? Sonja Larsen tells the story of one girl who broke that tradition.
Contentment Outside the Nursery
Pastor James Berglund had a counseling session with a church member whose question may reflect one you’ve had. And his answer may help you to understand too.
Can You Buy Joy?
The pursuit of happiness is a perennial quest for most humans. But is it achievable? Karen Holford suggests an answer.
A Miracle of Love
When Roger Morneau decided to accept God into his life, he turned his back on demon worship.
Heaven vs. Chuck E. Cheese’s
Charles Mills reflects on the difficulty we have trying to understand why heaven is important when we’ve never seen it nor experienced it.
Remembering Our Mothers
An unknown author tells how a great man honored his mother at one of the great events of his life.
Living With Children: Video Layback

Your Bible Questions