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Does God Destroy

When disaster strikes, some people claim that God is punishing the victims for their sins. What does the Bible say?

May 2010

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Re-sparking the passion
What does it take to re-spark the passion in a relationship?
Three Things You Should Know About Death
Death is always painful. For the Christian, there's good news in the bad news.
Come Join the Celebration
God loves to celebrate. God has set aside an entire day each week for just that purpose!
Living With Children: Rules for Adult Children Living at Home


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Betrayed by Night
Follow the journey of a group of people so desperate for religious freedom that they risked their possessions and their lives to obtain it.
How Good Are You?
Signs editor Marving Moore reflects on the question of our inherent human goodness—and our inherent human evil.
Affirmation Advantage
We all carry on continual mental conversations with ourselves. Are we saying the right things?
Eagles Deliver in Haiti
Clean water was vital for the survival of Haiti's earthquake victims. Here is a look at how ADRA is helping with the crisis.
Expect the Unexpected
Christians for 2,000 years have expected Jesus to come in their day. How should we relate to that hope today?
A lesson From History
Is what we call an "act of God" really from God?
Some Grave Thoughts
Do you need to be in a grave before reflecting on your life? There are easier and less grim ways.
Dying Thief or Living Thief?
Years ago, a Signs of the Times® author wrote a short reflection about the thief who died on a cross next to Jesus.
Food Matters: Fight Obesity in Kids

Bible Discovery: Cosmic Conflict

Your Bible Questions
Where in the Bible does God say, "I am male, I am female, I am both," or something close to that?