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Finding Hope Through Pain

Beyond darkness and despair

April 2017

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Why Will Jesus Come in the Clouds?
The Bible describes how Jesus will return to earth for a good reason.
Why Jesus’ Death Matters
Why Jesus’ death has more meaning than anyone else’s
What Communion Means to Me
Insights learned from a four-year-old
Living With Children
Stepparents and Child Discipline

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Courage in a Crisis
A mother senses a problem, but it takes courage to act.
Eating Healthy on a Budget
Steps to a more healthy (and wealthy) you
What Is Pacificism?
Hacksaw Ridge threw a spotlight on the issue: how to serve your country and your conscience.
Do Christians Have to Keep God’s Law?
There’s a clear difference between the law of the Old Testament and its various rules and regulations.
Of Metal Detectors and Miracles
Science is simply the wrong tool to explain certain biblical truths.
The Third Temple Prophecy
Do events in Israel mark the beginning of the end time?
Where Is Jesus’ Tomb?
Who really knows, but, then, does it actually matter?
Insight into a worrying trend
Some Good, Some Bad
Many people neglect their salvation on flimsy pretexts.
Religion in the News

Food Matters
Anti-inflammatory Eating
Your Bible Questions