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The Day Sin Lost Its Power

Loren Seibold says that evil won't always exist. Jesus saw to that on the cross.

April 2015

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The Hour of God's Judgment
Clifford Goldstein points out an important truth about God's judgment of the world: it will take place in heaven prior to Christ's second coming.
When Was Jesus Crucified?
How can we reconcile seemingly contradictory evidence in the Bible? Rowden Brown discusses one such situation having to do with the day on which Jesus was crucified.
What the Storybooks Don't Tell You About Jesus
Ronald Graybill reflects on the kind of Person Jesus would have been 2,000 years ago—and his conclusions may surprise you.
Food Matters: Problems With Going Paleo


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Stop, Drop, and Roll!
Why do Christians celebrate Christ's life, death, and resurrection at this time of the year? Omar Miranda reflects on the answer to this question.
Hope for the Future
Julene Duerksen-Kapao looks at strategies to ensure that your relationship goes the distance.
Consuming Jesus
Have Christians lost the real meaning of worship? Vanessa Pizzuto suggests that even if they haven't, there's a risk they could.
Go Home
Do you feel like you're so bad that God couldn't possibly be interested in you? Charles Mills advises you to think again about the kind of God we serve.
Love Is . . .
Nancy Canwell reflects on what it really means for each church member to be part of a church that respects differences.
Heart Health and Hearing Loss
According to hearing rehabilitation specialist Graham Weir, the relationship between diet and hearing loss is much closer than most people think.
How to Become Sin Free
We see the results of sin everywhere, even within ourselves! Doug Batchelor explains what sin is and how you can overcome it.
Imitating Christ's Life of Service
Alfred K. Allan shares an inspiring story that also tells us where the English words chapel and chaplain came from.
Bible Discovery: Unity and Diversity in Christ

Living With Children: Parents, Calm Your Anxiety

Your Bible Questions
What did Jesus mean where, speaking of hell, He said that "their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched"?