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What Christ's Resurrection Means to You

Loren Seibold reflects on what it means to lose someone you love and the hope that you can have of seeing that person again.

April 2012

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When the Dragon Breathed Fire
Dragons are mythical creatures, but in 1946, a man tickled a dragon's tail and died.
The Life, the Cross, the Promise
Christ's resurrection is crucial to your physical and spiritual well-being.
A New Look at the Judgment
Some people feel frightened at the idea that God will judge them someday. David Bissell had an experience that relieved him of that fear.
Food Matters: How to Fix a Fatty Liver
A fatty liver can arrive like a stealth bomber —without warning pains or nausea to alert you. It has the potential to progress to a more serious chronic liver disease such as cirrhosis, unless you take significant lifestyle caution.

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Why the Week Is Seven Days Long
Most of us take the seven-day week for granted. How did it come to be seven days and not six, eight, or ten?
Noah's Flood
Thousands of years ago, a worldwide flood engulfed this world. There is geological and archaeological evidence for the event.
The Legionnaire's Conversion
What was it like 2,000 years ago, on the day Christ died?
Stop Pain From Taking Over Your Life
Is a previous hurt holding you back? How can you more readily accept a gift of love?
Healthy Heart With Chip
Seventh-day Adventist churches in New Zealand are changing the health of their local communities through a simple lifestyle program.
I Hate Your (Face)book
Social media has exploded in the last few years. Users should exercise caution to avoid causing themselves problems.
Accepting Your Body
Are you happy with the body nature gave you? Person trainer Andrew Cate looks at the issues surrounding body image and self-esteem.
What Is God Really LIke?
It's easy to feel like God is "out to get us," especially considering how powerful He is. But we have nothing to fear.
Led by a Child
Sometimes it's easier for children to exercise faith than it is for adults.
Bible Discovery: The Completed Atonement

Living With Children: Toddlers Who Bite

Your Bible Questions
Were Christ's disciples the only ones who saw Him ascend into heaven?