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What If Jesus Had Said No

What would the implications be if Jesus had chosen not to go to the Cross?

April 2011

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When Was Jesus Crucified?
Two views have been proposed for the day of Jesus' crucifixion—Wednesday and Friday. Marvin Moore examines the evidence on both sides.
Who Is Jesus?
There are many frauds claiming to be the Christ. Who really is Jesus?
Prayer: It Doesn't Have to Be Hard
Like many Christians, Mauricia Houck didn't think she knew how to pray—till she discovered that it isn't all that complicated.
Food Matters: Teen Health and Acne


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10 Tips for Taming Tempers
Tips on how to manage your own anger and help other people manage theirs too.
From Prison to Palace
According to Doug Batchelor, we all have the opportunity to inherit an immense fortune.
Try Having an All-In Night
Have a special family night each week to connect , children can learn about the things that matter.
I Need a Teacher
A chance meeting in Cambodia leads Nathan Brown to consider ways of reaching spiritual enlightenment.
The Mind-Body Connection
Online personal trainer Andrew Cate investigates a growing phenomenon called "mindfulness."
Being a Good Samaritan
Rushing through life is the reason why people no longer stop to help those in need.
Reflections on Christ's Resurrection
Atheists and agnostics say that Christ's resurrection is a myth. Christians believe it's utterly true. Is faith enough?
When it gets on our hands, we wash them, and we try not to track it in to the house. Here's an important lesson for us in plain old dirt.
Bible Discovery: Have a Rest

Living With Children: Saying It Right

Your Bible Questions
Who are the antediluvian sons of God in Genesis 6:2, and who are the daughters of men?