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Is He Alive?

The story about Christ's resurrection flies in the face of all modern scientific knowledge. Nevertheless, Seth Pierce explains why it's still believable.

April 2010

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Reason for Joy
Christ's disciples felt utterly crushed by Christ's death. Lowell Cooper shows how their joy at His resurrection can be ours too.
What to Expect When Jesus Returns
Is Christ's second coming a genuine hope that Christians can look forward to, or is it a pie in the sky? Mark Finley comments on this question.
Dead Men Can't Save You!
The author reflects on our mortal human condition and inquires whether immortality is possible.
Food Matters: Getting Gluten-Free Fiber


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Only Vegetables
Most people think of a vegetarian as someone who doesn't eat meat. But the author points out other kinds.
Oberammergau: A Town of Passions
The author traveled to the small German village of Oberammergau to witness what could possibly be the world's longest running play.
Worship: It's Your Choice
According to Ursula Hedges, the choice is not whether you worship. It's who or what you worship.
Old Bull, Young Bull
What do African elephants have to do with reducing at-risk behavior in young people?
Beginnings and Endings
The history of our world is characterized by beginnings and endings.
The Day Sin Lost Its Power: How Christ's Death Solved the Problem of Sin
Loren Seibold tells us why the story of Jesus didn't end with His crucifixion.
Adopting a Clinic in the Solomon Islands
Kevin Price tells how volunteers are helping to provide health care facilities that will save lives.
How Much for God?
In the story of the widow's mite, Jesus told His disciples that she had given much more to God than all the rich people who gave only a portion of their wealth.
Bibile Discovery: Irrational Faith?

Living With Children: Potpourri

Your Bible Questions
What is the explanation for the differing accounts of Christ's resurrection in the four Gospels?