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How to Live to 100

While we must wait till Christ's second coming for immortality, here's a strategy that can help any of us to live longer—maybe even to be a centenarian!

March 2013

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God's Plan to Solve the Problem of Evil
Throughout the ages, countless people have asked, "Why did God allow evil to exist?"
Why Would I Need a Church?
Church is important. Here's why.
The Godforsaken God
The cross was only one factor in the penalty that Jesus paid for our human sin.
Living With Children: Solving Bed-Wetting Problems


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The Ten That Set Us Free
Many people believe God's laws restrict us, but they actually give us freedom.
A Reason to Hope
If one looks at the amorality of today's society, what hope does the human race have?
An Iraqi Ruler's Dream Reveals the Future
Long before Saddam Hussein, another dictator was wrecking havoc in the Middle East.
God's Promise for Your Future
Sometimes God's promises are fulfilled by a change in perspective.
More Than Words
A commitment to change is making a positive difference across Papua New Guinea.
Seeking God's Will for Your Life
Life's crises sometimes leave us puzzled about God's leading. How do we know His direction?
Repentance, a New Look at an Old Word
What does the Bible say about repentance—and does it mean what some people think it does?
Combating Workaholism
Is someone you know a workahalic? How do we deal with the situation?
The Dirty Basket
What good does it do to read the Bible when you can't remember what you've read?
Food Matters: The Health Risks of Energy Drinks

Bible Discovery: A Sanctuary for People

Your Bible Questions
Did Paul sometimes lie intentionally to escape persecution?