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Smart Genes: Did God Create Life?

From an examination of the genetic evidence, life is too complex to have arisen by chance.

March 2012

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Universe at War!
If you think two world wars and the wars in Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East were terrible, consider the war Loren Seibold describes!
Why Organized Religion?
Sometimes it's hard to get along with others. But we need each other.
Getting Away With Grace
Four spiritual lessons from one of the most poignant stories in the Bible.
Living With Children: Ticket Discipline


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6 Steps to a More Positive Attitude
Strategies to make sure you see the glass as always "half full."
Help for the Abused
Victims of abuse suffer emotional as well as physical damage. The work of dedicated women in the South Pacific is making a difference.
The Fourth Man
We are never alone during our times of trouble. This story illustrates that important truth.
Eyes to Recognize
The Bible reveals that Jesus is coming back soon. But it warns that some will try to fake His return.
When Bad Things Happen
How can we maintain our faith in God even through the tough times?
What's Going On?
Robbing those who have already been robbed. Ignoring a child as she lies critically injured on the ground. What is the state of our society today?
Law or Love?
What about all those rules Christians are supposed to follow? Jennie Henderson says they're good, but she also puts them in perspective.
Your Sin Will Find You Out
An experience that taught the importance of always being honest, even when doing so is embarrassing.
6 Ways to Keep in Touch With God
It's easy, in our busy world, to feel isolated from God. Here are several ways to experience His presence throughout the day.
Inspiration for a Hymn
Most Christians enjoy reading about the events that inspired particular hymns. Here's the story of "Jesus, Lover of My Soul."
Food Matters: Recipe Makeover

Bible Discovery: Church Attendance Is Good for You

Your Bible Questions
Is it true that God rested on the seventh day and made the day holy?