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Dating the End of the World

Many Christians are anxious for Jesus to come again. Ed Dickerson reminds us of the perils of trying to guess when He will come.

March 2011

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Romancing the Brain
When it comes to being in love, we usually blame the heart rather than the head. This may be a misconception.
High Noon in Jerusalem
The meaning of an incident in Jesus' life illustrates the wonderful relationship between law and grace.
Are You Ready for Financial Har-money
Finances are very divisive issues in some families. Gordon Botting suggests ways to avoid these problems.
Living With Children: Parenting, Respect, and Leadership


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The Girl Who Saved 100 Lives
Recognizing danger signs may just save your life—and those of others.
The Ecumenical Diplomat
Harold Harker takes a look at the life of German Protestant Reformer Martin Bucer.
Our Ageing Earth
In spite of its apparent solidity, the earth under our feet is constantly changing.
"Crankting" up
ADRA changes lives in impoverished parts of the world, and it's making a difference in the lives of youth in the developed world.
Stress Out!
We can all take control of our stress.
Why Conflict Will Always Exist
Seth Pierce uses his struggle with trying to decide whether to use a PC or a Mac computer to illustrate the conflict between good and evil.
Mop the Floor With Your Kids
Children need to learn early in life to assume responsibilities around the home.
Bittersweet Victory
Sometimes what we wanted most turns out to be what we would not have wanted at all.
Why Was It Jesus?
If God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are equally divine, why was it the Son instead of the Father who came to earth?
Sophia's Prayer
Have you ever wondered why God sometimes answers your prayer with a No? Could it be that you are the one standing in the way of a Yes?
Food Matters: Nature's Laxatives

Bible Discovery: The World's Greatest Threat

Your Bible Questions
Is there anything wrong with people being rebaptized? What does the Bible say about this?