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What Revelation Says About Armageddon

Most people today have heard about the battle of Armageddon. Marvin Moore explains what the Bible says about this war of all wars.

March 2010

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Growing in Christ
Developing a relationship with God is very much like planting a seed.
What Can You Expect From the Holy Spirit?
Nowhere in the Bible do we read a description of what He looks like, but Glenn Townend found Him to be a Companion he can always count on.
What Jesus Said About When He'll Return
Christians are naturally anxious to know when Christ will return. However, the author says that Christ had a reason for leaving us in uncertainty.
Living With Children: Telling Them They're Adopted


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Boost Your Energy Levels Today
It's hard to live life to the fullest when your energy levels are low. Personal trainer and nutritionist Andrew Cate revels how to revitalize your life.
Ten Easy Ways to Be Happy
According to the experts, happiness isn't as hard to achieve as you might think.
Your Last Enemy
Is life like a candle that burns out? Is death our final end? The author examines what the Bible says about this age-old question.
A Safe Place for Accidents
Victor Czerkasij reflects on an unusual experience that taught him an important spiritual lesson.
Ecology and the End of the World
Is the human race about to destroy itself? Alejandro Bullón examines the real significance of the current ecological crisis.
Petra: City Lost in Time
Here is a guided tour through a lost and forgotten city that is now a must-see on local tourist brochures.
Famous Last Words
The author reflects on comments various people have made, some of which turned out to be wrong—and some of which have eternal consequences.
Antidote for Stress
Gary Krause believes the answer to reducing the pressure in our stress-filled lives lies in one simple day.
The Moon Keeps Shining
Criticism is always hard to listen to. This story shows one way that Abraham Lincoln dealt with it.
Bible Discovery: Growing in Christ

Food Matters: The Healthiest Spreads

Your Bible Questions
Can we be sure we are saved and that we will go to heaven?