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Is God a delusion?

Nobody has ever seen God. Scientists can't prove that He exists. Can we really believe in Him?

February 2015

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A Constant Companion
What can the Holy Spirit do for you that will help you to be a happier, more effective person?
Reflections on Creation, Evolution, and Theology
Marvin Moore reflects on the theological implications of the two dominant theories of the origin of life.
What Heaven Is Really Like
Some people think of heaven as a place where we'll strum harps as we sit on clouds. Doug Batchelor examines what the Bible says it will really be like.
Food Matters: Super Sprouts


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Answers to Life's Big Questions
Errol Webster explains how one day of the week tells us where we came from and why we're here.
A Healthy Diet to Follow
Simon Barden investigated three modern diet fads, and he helps you to assess the pluses and minuses of each one.
5 Good Things to Say About Death
We typically think of death as an enemy. However, Curtis Rittenour points out that even dark clouds can have silver linings.
Enjoying God's Promises
Esther Bailey says that God has made a commitment to care for our needs, and she shares six of them that you can count on.
Maria's Forgotten Sins
Evangelist Luis Palau tells the story of an atheist who challenged his Christian faith and how he helped her.
Alone in a Crowd
While you may be aware that you feel lonely, Trafford Fischer says you may not realize how seriously that feeling influences your everyday life.
On a Binge
It's easy for someone who loves alcohol to think, Oh, well, one more won't hurt me, But Geoff Youlden explains why it will hurt you.
The Silent Evangelist
St. Francis of Assissi is alleged to have said, "Always witness; use words where necessary." Charles Paddock's story illustrates the truth of these words.
The Artist's Mistake
An unknown author tells of an artist's oversight that reveals an important truth about the place God should have in our lives.
Bible Discovery: You Never Need to Be an Outsider.

Living With Children: It's No Big Deal

Your Bible Questions
Will I go to hell if I don't have children, even if I believe in God?