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How to Live a Long and Happy Life

Would you like to live a long time and enjoy every minute? Charles Mills offers the secret so many ignore. And it is so simple!

February 2011

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Created for Eternity
Do you shed tears when a loved one dies? So does God, says Patty Froese Ntihemuka.
Challenging God's Reputation
Alden Thompson responds to the nasty reputation that God has in some people's minds.
Food Matters: Living Well With PCOS


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Finding Success in Relationships
Maintaining a relationship can be harder than you might think. And it doesn't always have a fairy-tale ending.
Lessons From Bread Making
God transforms our lives. The process is quite like making a loaf of bread.
How to Die Right
Mary Bradley's mother gave her a precious lesson: it is possible to be genuinely happy, even in the face of adversity.
Why Bother With Church?
Some people say they don't need a church because they can worship God just as well at home. This article explains why church really is important.
The Awesome Claims of Christ
Have you ever wondered whether Jesus was indeed who He claimed to be? Geoffrey Garne shares two of the strongest evidences.
A story by Marvin Moore shows that when people give their lives to Jesus, He replaces their hatred with forgiveness.
Adventure in Mabaruma
Take a life-and-death night flight over the Guyanan jungle with God, a boy, and Laura LaBore, a mission pilot for Adventist World Aviation.
Through contemplating what it's like to be a father, Seth Pierce draws some conclusions about our Father in heaven.
Night of Miracles
Rose Boom was worried about what she'd face when she went to work, but the problem turned into an opportunity for God to use her in a crisis.
The Shoes
Sometimes the blessings we give come back to us in unexpected ways.
Living With Children: The Family Rush

Bible Discovery: God as Father

Your Bible Questions
Is modern speaking in tongues the same as the gift of tongues in the New Testament?