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The Power of Forgiveness

The hatred has to stop somewhere, and it stopped with Gary Wright.

January 2018

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The Ten Commandments: Here for Good?
Many people’s view of social justice is simply the Christian worldview they thought they’d abandoned.
How to Keep God’s Law
The Ten Commandments are but part of God’s law. They also need love.
The Holy Spirit
Sometimes we want God to change our circumstances more than we want to actually enjoy His presence.
Food Matters: Fasting for Weight Loss
“Intermittent fasting” has become popular as a weight loss strategy. But what is it, and how does it compare to a continuous calorie-restricted diet?

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The Bible for the People
John Wycliffe was the first person to translate the Bible into the English language.
The Runaway
A modern story illustrates one of Jesus’ most famous parables.
Throw Yourself Down!
Who among us can say that we’ve never stretched God’s protection?
From Sunday to Sabbath
Why one man changed his day of worship
The Only Way Is Up
Hostility between father and mother always affects their children.
The Car Wreck
Sometimes the events of our lives reveal spiritual truths in ways that surprise us.
Father Knows Best
Gossip damages both the observed and the observer.
Sabbath, Creation, and Redemption
Creation gives purpose to worship.
God’s Loving Fog
An aha moment that changed the outlook on a difficult situation.
Religion in the News

Living With Children: Is This Child autistic?

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