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4 Secrets of Happiness

Are you drowning in misery or punishing yourself with guilt? Pat Humphrey suggests four ways you can turn that around.

January 2015

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Can We Believe the Gospels?
Did Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John know Jesus personally, or did they make up their stories several decades later?
Why I Like Church
Many people ask, Why go to church? I can worship God at home. Bert Williams says that there's an important value in church attendance.
Sensing God's Presence in Your Life
Before He left this earth, Jesus promised His disciples that He would be with them forever. Loren Seibold explains how that happens.
Living With Children: The Persistent Liar


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My Mom's Challenge
Nancy Schafner's mother suggested something that left Nancy puzzled over how to do it. So she talked to God about it.
Your Assurance of Salvation
Curtis Rittenour says that salvation is like an unexpected gift, and as long as you stay in touch with Jesus, you'll never lose it.
Amusing Ourselves to Death
It's OK to have fun, but Tammy Darling points out how easy it is, in today's high-tech world, to carry our entertainment to excess.
Sweet Dreams: 10 Ways to Sleep Better
Do you wake up tired? Are worries keeping you up at night? Andrew Cate looks at 10 ways to increase your chances of successful slumber.
Growing in Christ
What do you look forward to in your spiritual life during the next 12 months? Nancy Canwell offers some suggestions.
What if Christ Doesn't Return?
Christians claim that Christ's second coming will save the human race from destruction. Clifford Goldstein reflects on the consequences should it never happen.
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Roy Borgess didn't find Jesus till he landed in prison, and even then, turning his life over to Him was a challenge.
Interesting Facts About the Bible
Victor Parachin gives a brief history of our modern Bibles.
Money Isn't Everything
J. L. Tucker tells a story that illustrates the truth that there are some things money can't buy.
Food Matters: Bread of Life

Bible Discovery: What Does the New Year Hold for You?

Your Bible Questions
If there's going to be a new earth and a new Jerusalem, which one will we live in?