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Praying for a Miracle

What should you expect to happen when you ask God to intervene in your life or the life of someone you love?

January 2012

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Your Foot in His Hand
Nancy Canwell reflects on a sculpture she saw of Jesus washing the feet of three modern-day young people.
Understanding the Angry God of the Bible
There's a common perception that all anger is bad, and therefore God cannot be angry.
Life After Life After Life?
Many people believe that they lived in the past, then died, and have been reincarnated today.
Living With Children: Stepparents


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Can Sincerity Guarantee Salvation?
Salvation is by faith, which means, among other things, knowing that what we believe really is true.
Confessions of a TV Junkie
For some people, that one-eyed box is a demon that devours them. Rebecca Gresham knows. She also tells how she escaped the demon.
The Next Thousand Years
It's true: the world is going to end. What's in store for us after that happens?
The Coming Food Crisis
Have you noticed that food prices are surging at the supermarkets? Here's why.
Ready to Meet Jesus
Are you afraid that if Jesus should return tonight you'd be unprepared to meet Him? How can you be sure you're ready?
Getting Along as Christians
Prejudices sometimes divide Christians. How can we resolve those issues?
When Your Best Isn't Good Enough
Have you ever felt that you weren't "good enough"? What does being good enough really mean?
Waiting Room Thoughts
What should you do with your time while you're waiting in a place filled with people?
Food Matters: Tracking Your Food Intake

Bible Discovery: How Can We Have Unity?

Your Bible Questions
Knowing that God is fair and merciful, how will He deal with people who never heard the gospel?