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Is Modern Israel a Fulfillment of Prophecy?

Popular prophetic interpretation says that modern Israel fulfills Old Testament prophecies.

January 2010

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How to Be a Happy Christian
From time to time, we all feel depressed, afraid, or filled with guilt. Loren Seibold explains how you can be a happy Christian.
The Great War
Croft explores the greatest war of all time and the battle that sealed the victory. And he explains how it affects you.
Living With Children: The "I'm Stupid" Syndrome


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Count Your Blessings
As the economy goes down and the bills mount, it pays to look somewhere other than at your own sorry circumstances.
The View From Above
Perspective determines how we perceive things. However, God's viewpoint is the only accurate one.
How to Avoid the Flu
With the cold and flu season upon us, it's time to look at ways to boost your immune system. A personal trainer gives five practical steps to avoid sickness.
Missionary to Africa
It's the people of history that bring history to life, especially those who gave their life to it.
How to Know the Bible's true
Skeptics keep telling us that the Bible is a bunch of fairy tales. The author suggests ways to tell whether the Bible really is God's Word.
Resolutions you can keep
Kim Peckham asks about those fast-fading New Year's resolutions and offers advice to help you keep next year's.
Angel in a Red Dodge Pickup
Not all angels have wings. Some of them walk around in plain sight on planet Earth. Jeff Scoggins tells of an encounter he had with one of them.
The Car Wreck
Sometimes the events of our lives reveal spiritual truths in ways that surprise us.
Kindness Always Pays!
Jerome Cleveland tells of a kind deed that came back.
Food Matters: The Detox Dilemma

Bible Discovery: The Reliability and Purpose of the Bible

Your Bible Questions
Does this mean that in God's kingdom we will forever remember the wicked or that they will be physically present forever?