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The Treachery of the Cults

The author explains the characteristics of destructive religious organizations and examines the reasons why people join them.

September 2009

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Why Jesus Washed Their Feet
The author looks at the meaning of an ancient Christian practice, ignored by many in these times.
How to Be a Better Man
The Secret to being a real man, says Victor Parachin, is to learn the fine art of kindness.
Woes of a Prophet
The author's imaginary telling of the biblical story of Jonah gives us a glimpse into what it might be like to be a prophet of God.
Living With Children: What Is Discipline?


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50 amazing years in space
The author takes a look at space travel past—and future.
Our Nightmare With Melanie
Anorexia is an insidious disease that can kill, or cripple, a person for life. The author tells her daughter's story.
7 Promises of God
God has never failed to deliver on His promises, so why not trust Him, says Geoff Youlden.
The Sox
It's easy to think that little things don't count. And sometimes they don't. But, as the author points out, sometimes they do!
The Source of Freedom
The author describes her visit to her ancestral home, which has come to be known as the birthplace of democracy and freedom.
A Rude Awakening
The author reflects on the satisfaction she had of assisting with a minor medical crisis in Mongolia.
A Beginner's Guide to Serious Bible Study
Do you feel intimidated by the Bible? Malcolm Potts points out ways to arrive at a correct understanding of its meaning.
Forgiven Not Forgotten
His life spiraled out of control. Then, about to crashland, he came to his senses. The author describes his journey to God.
The Ripe Tomato
In matters of religion, it's easy for our prejudice to overpower our logic. A story by Sandford Whitman illustrates the problem.
Food Matters: Should You Go Vegetarian?

BIble Discovery
The Gift of Prophecy
Your Bible Questions
Does a person have to observe a Saturday Sabbath to be a true Christian and thus be given eternal life?