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Is Death the End

Death is one of life's rare certainties. The author grapples with the reality of death—and hope.

September 2008

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What Does Jesus Do All Day?
Is Jesus patiently waiting for His second coming? Is He engaged in an endless building project? The author explains what Jesus is doing for you and me today.
The 6 stages of marriage
The seasons of our life impact the nature of our relationships.
Intelligent Foolishness
The author challenges us to examine the bombardier beetle—and then consider the Designer.
Living with Children
When Children Say Hurtful Things

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Health Food Fakes
It might say "healthy" on the label, but some foods promoted as healthy can be anything but. This article investigates some common health food fraudsters.
Right Thinking
The author reflects on the hope that has guided him and continues to light his life.
Matters of Death and Life
This article explores the importance of a better understanding of life after death.
Is this all there is?
Something tells us there has to be more to life than we're getting out of it.
Home Coming
Are you estranged from someone you love? The author's solution to this situation may help you find a solution to yours.
Human Nature
In a fallen world, good and evil struggle for dominance. That same struggle also takes place within us.
Paul: Intrepid Herald of Good News
From the story of one of the early heroes of Christianity, the author finds hope for us today.
Help for a Beautiful Country
Small changes in Cambodia are making big differences in people's lives.
The Bee Sting
Jesus died so that we wouldn't have to die. The author tells how one young man came to accept Jesus as his Savior.
Food Matters
Eat Less and Live Longer
Bible Discovery
Human Nature in Action
Your Bible Questions
Do evil angels die? if not, where do they go when they come out of a possessed person?