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Coping With Addictions

To recognize the symptoms of an addiction is the first step to recovery.

September 2007

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New Thinking, New Body
Improving your health and fitness begins with a positive mind-set.
Spiders Over Hell
Will sinners burn in hell for eternity?
The Day I Saw Jesus' Second Coming
A childhood encounter reinforced a lifetime of belief in a real event.
Living With Children
Calming Childhood Fears

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The Secret: Sell You Short
A feted and popular best seller that sells much less than half truths.
Martin Luther: Rising Sun of the Reformation
This giant of Protestant belief well deserves his place in history.
The Fine Art of Apology
Admitting that you are wrong isn't an easy task, but it's a necessary one.
The Eighth Commandment: You Shall Not Steal
In God's eyes, stealing is more about the principle than the price.
T-shirt Slogan Accuracy
We are all human billboards, so be careful what you wear.
Reconstructing Lives
Ready access to health care makes a huge difference to lives in the Third World.
The Heart of God
God chose to represent Himself to us as a Father for good reasons.
The Christian and the Skeptic
How can you be sure that the Bible is God's Word?
Food Matters
Long-term weight-loss secrets
Bible Discovery
Honesty in Your Life
Your Bible Questions
Some people say that heaven will be brought down to us while others say we will ascend to heaven. Which is it?