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Harry Potter and Witchcraft

Just as Satan crept into Eden as a snake and deluded Adam and Eve, so he continues today. Is Harry Potter his latest incarnation?

August 2007

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The CREATION of a Better Life
This acronym is a formula for living life to the full.
Can't Wait for Heaven
What will heaven be like?
How Jesus Taught Humility
Communion in its completeness
Food Matters
The Real Cost of Upsizing

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St. Andrews, Home of the Brave
Reformers and martyrs have lived and died here.
You Shall Not Commit Adultery
The seventh commandment stands as a safeguard to your family. Is it one you would care to discard?
Jesus Saves!
Reflecting on just how it is—and by whose efforts—one gets to heaven.
Waving the Flag
A flying flag always has meaning.
Seeking Out a Prophet
From a quaint Old Testament story comes a torrent of truth.
Shattered Bagh
An earthquake destroyed his home and almost his life. What next?
Escape or Energizer?
Is faith all about another world or is it about living now?
The Surprised Spider
Walter Beach compares our life today with an old Dutch legend about a spider.
Bible Discovery
Building Good Relationships
Living With Children
The Defiant Daughter
Your Bible Questions
I want to know if the recent increase in violence among teenagers has anything to do with the signs of the times.