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How to Deal With the Fear of Terrorism

Terrorists are likely to be permanent fixtures in our lives from now on. Loren Seibold offers three suggestions for coping with the fear they generate.

August 2006

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“Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?”
A chance encounter with the famous ball player got Jim Gilley to thinking about the real meaning of the words of Paul Simon’s famous song “Mrs. Robinson.”
I Will Be Baptized!
Have you ever really wanted something—only to have apparently insurmountable circumstances interfere? Jeris Bragan tells an unusual story.
Your Thoughts
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The Wedding That Almost Wasn’t
Janet Lynn Mitchell loved Brad, but there was a problem. Then she discovered how prayer and a change of attitude could work a miracle.

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Speed Demon
God can use the most unusual circumstances to teach us the lessons about ourselves that we need to learn. Laura Lyon knows!
Learning Grace
Stuart Tyner, a pastor who thinks a lot about grace, found a story in the Old Testament that teaches an important lesson on how to learn about grace. You too can find a "gospel" moment!
A Friend in Court
If the idea of appearing in a human court of law is frightening, what’s it like to appear before God’s court? Atilio Dupertuis says we have nothing to fear!
How to Get Your Child Ready for School
Sometime this month, all across North America, children will start back to school. Is your child ready? Myriam Salcedo-Gonzalez offers some helpful suggestions.