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Tobacco: You Can Be Free!

It is possible to quit. An expert shares tips on how.

July 2008

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Dieting Can Be Dangerous
Be careful how you diet. You may reverse the effects.
Does God Torture Sinners
Could a loving God really burn people for ever and ever in hell?
What About God's Law?
Do New Covenant Christians have to keep the Ten Commandments?
Curing Antisocial Behavior
Living with Children

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Predicting the Second Coming
A hopeless future? The author says, "No." Rather it's full of hope—one based on Jesus' promise to rescue us from this doomed world.
The Great Babylonian Revival
A king discovered that God's prophecies are not something that can be ignored.
5 Ways to Increase Your Faith
Doubt comes to all of us, but there are ways to grow our faith.
Peace From Geneva
Geneva has earned its place in history. It's something we shouldn't take for granted.
Coming Out of Retirement
AIDS is redefining family roles in Lesotho.
It All Started With a Meal
How relationships can produce miracles.
The Ordinary Paper
Nothing is ever really ordinary.
Food Matters
Why plan meals?
Bible Discovery
Freedom's Laws
Your Bible Questions
The Bible says that "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." So who are the saints?