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Violence: Will It Ever End?

Hate, fear, and death abound, but it won't always be that way.

July 2007

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The Bible: Where It Came From
Signs looks at your Bible.
Me, Beautiful?
How to change a negative self-perception.
How Man's Words Became God's Word
Signs looks at your Bible.
Living With Children
Diagnosis Dispensing Disorder (DDD)

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The Sixth Commandment: You Shall Not Murder

John Huss: Bohemian Reformer
As one of the earliest of the Reformers, he set the agenda for change.
God, Marriage, and Family
Why we love.
A Better Way to Fitness
Eight ways to improve your motivation for physical exercise.
Children Raising Children
ADRA has plans to help families without parents.
Riding the Spirit
Meeting and greeting on the high seas.
The Inclusiveness of God
What is it about God that draws people to Him?
The Stonecutters
A story that will help you to pause and reflect, What is my purpose in life?
Food Matters
Kitchen gadgets for healthier cooking
Bible Discovery
A better alternative
Your Bible Questions
What does it mean . . . if a thief breaks in at night, the householder is not guilty of murder if he kills the thief?