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Out-of-Body Experiences: What Do They Mean?

A professor of New Testament interpretation at Fuller Theological Seminary examines this fascinating phenomenon.

June 2009

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Why Darwin's Triumph
A biologist looks at the history of Darwinism for an explanation of why it has been so successful.
War in Heaven: When Everything Went Wrong
Have you ever wondered where evil originated—whether God or Satan created it? The author responds to this fundamental question.
Five Ways to Deal With Guilt
Guilt is good when it keep us living right. But it can also be bad. The author explains the difference and suggests how to deal with it.
Food Matters: Mind Your Portions


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Youth Making a Difference
David Canther is the leader of a unique ministry that brings together thousands of young people to assist in times of disaster.
Move It or Lose It
The author outlines the benefits of regular, moderate exercise and the high price we pay for neglecting it.
John and Charles Wesley
The two sons of Samuel and Susanna Wesley were stronger together than they could ever have been apart.
Demons Know!
Jim Beyers wandered into spiritualism—but then he found a better path to happiness.
Interesting Facts About the Bible
This article gives a brief history of the modern Bible.
The Grave: No Sting, No Victory
In one of the most amazing tales ever told, Jesus demonstrated that He holds the keys to hell's gate.
Tips to Help You Save Time
In our time-poor lives, there seems never to be enough of the commodity. But is that true? The author tells how to make the most of what you have.
To Be or Not to Be
Our pride sometimes causes us to want more for ourselves in life than God planned. This allegory illustrates the point.
Bible Discovery
The Reality of Death
Living With Children
Protecting the Innocence
Your Bible Questions
If everything He did had been recorded, can we assume other books were written?