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How to Live to Be 100

Is it really possible for you to add a few years to your life? Lifestyle scientist and researcher Terry Butler says yes, and he explains how.

June 2006

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God Works Here Too!
Kim Nethken was faced with a choice: Obey God and suffer the consequences or obey man and enjoy the consequences.
Getting Away From It All
Sometimes we have to just “get away from it all” and find a way to refresh our spirits. Marion Ash offers several suggestions for doing that.
Stranger on a Harley
“Judge not,” Jesus said, “that ye be not judged.” Connie Kutac learned a whole new meaning to that sage advice.
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The Secret of a Long Life
Dan Buettner traveled the globe looking for centenarians. In this article, reprinted from National Geographic, he reports on what he found in one small American town.
Plastic Surgery Was Our Only Answer
What would our world be like without plastic? Yet it gets some of us into deep trouble. Mary L. Brown offers a solution that you may find helpful.
Babylon: Yesterday and Today
Fernando Canale points out how an ancient city that has been a rubbish heap for millenniums nevertheless has a lot to do with your life today.
Born Evil, Made Good
For centuries, humans have tried to explain why there is so much evil in the world. Edwin Lopez responds to this question from the Bible.