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The Occult on Prime Time

The dangers of the ghostly trend Hollywood's movie studios and TV networks are producing.

May 2008

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Breast Cancer: How to Lower Your Risk
There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself.
Ecumenism: Uniting the Churches
Does this fulfill Christ's prayer, "That they all may be one"?
Answers for Everything
Understanding Revelation's judgment scene at the end of the Bible.
Living With Children
When Curiosity Gets Out of Hand

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10 Ways to be Your Child's Role Model
How to ensure that your children grow up sharing your values.
A Miracle for the Surgeon
We may not always understand why a miracle happens.
Constance: John Hus's Lakeside City
A quiet town that was at one time the center stage of the religious world.
Who or what do you represent?
A Motorcycle, a Prayer, and a Witness
God's call to share our faith with others can come at the most unexpected moments.
Growing Plants and People
Using just over an acre of land, ADRA in New Plymouth, New Zealand, is growing not just plants, but people.
The Millennium: a Rite of Passage
Everyone goes through change. The author explains the greatest change that will take place in the human experience someday.
The Iron Egg
It's easy to reject something that looks dull, even when it's valuable.
Food Matters
How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables
BIble Discovery
The Millenium
Your Bible Questions
Why hasn't God lowered the bar? Why does He expect the same perfection from us that He did from Adam and Eve?