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He is Risen: What It Means for You!

Christian belief is a commitment that makes a difference in your life's outlook and in how you live it.

April 2008

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The Practice of Prayer
A biblical example of how to pray.
Is Christ Coming Again?
Skeptics and naysayers scoff at the idea, but the Bible says Yes.
What Difference Does God's Law Make?
Some laws we have to obey; others give us a choice.
Food Matters
Eat to Beat Cancer

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Growing Through the Pain: Finding the Light Behind the Shadow
Pain and suffering do have an upside, believe it or not.
Motivation to Move
You can kick-start an exercise program, but how do you keep it firing?
I Thought I Heard Angels Sing
Tumbling downstream beneath a flooded river, Pat heard a choir.
The Power of a Promise
A father's intimate letter to a daughter.
The God Father
The Bible compares God to a human father.
Christianity changes you—from the inside out.
Walking in the Light
AIDS is a worldwide scourge that is taking the lives of many. In the Pacific, ADRA is doing something about it.
Love Your Enemy
It's easy to gloat when your enemy gets into trouble. But this story tells of a man who went out of his way to save his enemy.
Bible Discovery
Our Father
Living With Children
When Kids Know Better Than Parents
Your Bible Questions
In light of the fact that God did not honor Jonah's right to flee Tarshish, do any of us really possess free will?