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Prayer and Healing

Prayer can be more effective than you might think.

April 2007

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Is Stress Making You Fat?
A bad diet isn’t the only thing that can increase your waist size!
A Picture of God
Does the idea of God as Three in One make sense?
A mistaken identity can sometimes be helpful.
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Sabina’s Love
Forgiving her family’s murderer.
Intelligent Design
Should a creator be allowed in the science classroom?
Death and Resurrection
Ancient Greek culture lives on in our understanding of life and death.
Do Not Take God’s Name in Vain
What does it mean to “take God’s name in vain”?
Three Reasons Not to Have a Devotional Life
But are they valid?
The World’s Greatest Story
A story of God, His love, and us.
To Number Our Days
The unrestrained life is busy, cluttered, and frustrating. Loren Seibold contemplates the wisdom of the planned life.
From Poverty to Proprietor
Young people in Mongolia face the same challenges as those in North America. But combine that with extreme poverty and an interrupted education, and life can seem hopeless. But one teen learned otherwise.
Play at It
Disaster doesn’t have to be disastrous.
God’s Chiseling
Our human tendency is to run away from our trials, but this story illustrates why we can rejoice over them.
Are Trans Fats to Die For?
Trans fats prolong the shelf life of food. But the U.S. National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine suggests that there is no safe level of trans fat.