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How Real Is the Resurrection?

Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Skeptics say No. However, Angel Hernandez examines evidence that the skeptics tend to overlook or ignore.

April 2006

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Jesus Is at the End of My Rope
Sometimes life seems hopeless. But Ben Tremper discovered that Jesus was at the other end of the “rope” he would just have soon have hanged himself with.
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Our Last Argument
Joe Seay and his wife had a terrible fight that could have destroyed their marriage. Instead, it strengthened their marriage.
Who's in Charge of the Computer Monster?
Do children, including teen-agers, have a “right of privacy” for surfing the Internet? John Rosemond says parents have a responsibility to intervene.

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Catching the Unseen Moments
Life keeps us so busy that, unless we deliberately stop to catch the most important moments, we’ll miss them altogether. Donna Pitino decided to stop and catch them.
Predictions About Jesus’ Death
It’s easy for us, looking back, to affirm that Jesus was a real person. David Edgar shares several predictions of Jesus’ death that gave assurance to the people before He was born.
The Identifying Mark
How can you recognize the true Christian? How can you tell whether you are a genuine Christian? Jerry Thomas points out the mark that identifies every true Christian.
Does Baptism Matter?
Well, of course it does! Unfortunately, many people are baptized without understanding what it really means. Let Ed Dickerson explain why baptism really matters.
How You Can Be Happy
For some people, happiness is like the butterfly that keeps flitting just out of reach. But Loren Seibold points out that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can be happy!
Why Was I Spared?
A freak accident almost took Loren Price’s life. Now he asks why he’s alive when so many other victims of strange (and not so strange) accidents are in their graves.