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The Middle East Quagmire

The Middle East is plagued by hate and death. But what's the history behind this animosity and bloodshed?

March 2008

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Who wrote the Bible?
Is the Bible accurate and reliable?
Miscarriage and Me
A personal testimony about loss, heartache, and healing.
When Words Are Not Enough
How do you explain something you've never seen?
Living With Children
Teen Boys and Pornography

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All I Need to Know I Learned From My Students
Teaching can be a thankless, stressful profession, but it has its rewards.
Intriguing Oxford
A seat of learning for centuries, Oxford produced many free thinkers—Bible scholars and reformists among them.
Grace Under Water
How to keep your cool when things go wrong.
Sweet Dreams: 10 Ways to Sleep Better
Here are ten ways to increase your chances of slumber.
I Just Can't Help It—or Can I?
Some Christians believe that God plans our lives before we're born. But He is a God of surprises.
The Real Heaven
What sort of place is heaven? The author offers an alternative to the usual.
Life Savings
A development bank with a different clientéle.
Who's Afraid of the End of Time?
The Bible says that a terrible time of trouble will immediately preced Christ's return, but that doesn't frighten the author.
The Ferryman's Object Lesson
Even in the Christian life, some things have to work together to work at all.
Food Matters
Warming Winter Soups
Bible Discovery
Heaven Is for Real
Your Bible Questions
Why do you put pictures of Jesus in Signs of the Times® when the second commandment forbids making images?