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Gambling: Is It Really That Bad?

The proponents of gambling say that it helps the local economy. Signs managing editor Miguel Valdivia points out the problems it creates.

March 2006

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God’s Voice in My Cell
Prison is the last place that Juan Martinez expected God speak to him. But he did hear God’s voice, and the day came when he knew he had to respond.
Christ’s Second Coming: A Devastating Surprise?
The sudden destruction of Dresden illustrates the perils of end-time complacency. Pastor Shawn Boonstra talks about the greatest hope of all.
God’s Soul Cleanser
From time to time we all feel shame and guilt over the things we’ve done. The editor reflects on God’s plan for freedom from these depressing feelings.
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Cleaning Up
For Irene Herr, serving as janitor of a small school meant finding God in unexpected places.
Suppose You Found a Watch
The “intelligent design” movement is making waves in our society today. Biologist James Gibson explains the basic reasoning behind this view of biological life.
My Battle With Diabetes
The doctor’s diagnosis was a wake-up call to Bob Jinkerson. Ten years later he shares with the readers of Signs what he’s learned about dealing with diabetes.
Seeing Through the Snow Storm
Tom Kovach felt frightened, standing on the side of the road with his thumb out during a snowstorm. He wasn’t religious, but almost without thinking, he blurted out a prayer.