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Making Sense of Destruction

Our world is simultaneously awash with floods and desiccated by fire. Why?

January 2008

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Teens Managing Money
In this affluent society, kids may take their money for granted.
Sensing God's Presence in Your LIfe
God is always there, we're told, but how can we really know it?
The TV Trap
How to turn off your TV and get a life.
Living With Children
Teaching Kids to Be Tidy

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William Miller: Preacher of the Advent
He began a movement that continues to impact the world.
Seeking the lost
A small incident revealed something big about the God we serve and trust.
Delighting in the Sabbath
It's more than a day of rest.
Extravagant Love
God's amazing grace is beyond measure, and, perhaps, reason.
Beauty From Ashes
From the devastation of war, positives are emerging in Afghanistan.
Why Be Baptized
When Jesus gave us His Great Commission, baptism was an integral part of it.
The Mystery of Flying Saucers
Do UFOs and aliens exist, and if they do, what and who are they?
The Theology Lesson
There's more than one way to preach a sermon. This story, which is circulating on the Internet, illustrates one of the best ways.
Food Matters
Nature's Pure Drop
Bible Discovery
The Great Commission
Your Bible Questions
A recent article said that the righteous will be judged before Christ's second coming. How can they be judged if they are not yet resurrected?