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Is the World About to End?

What are the signs?

January 2007

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Get Closer to Your Kids
Tips for building a happy relationship with your children.
Six Ways to Supercharge Your Health
Andrew Cate provides a healthy boost.
The Gospel and the Resurrection
Follow the apostle Paul to the ancient city of Corinth to learn about life, death, and the future life.
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Unity in Christ
What is the purpose of church?
Living with Children
John Rosemond gives his thoughts on emotionally supercharged teens.
Food Matters
Eating for 20/20 vision
A Prayer That Saved
Did a wife’s prayer really save a life?
ABCs of Healing
What are the possibilities for a brighter future in a country in crisis?
Pride Goeth . . .
A biblical example of how to deal with pride in your own life.
Waiting for a Better Place
Jesus is coming again!
Questions for Faith
Testing evolution’s leaps of faith.
Herbs With an Anticancer Punch
Cancer prevention in your spice rack.
The Town That Changed the World
Wittenberg, the small town that had a huge influence on the world.
Six Facts You Should Know About Christ’s Second Coming
Do you ever wonder what it will be like to see Jesus return? Doug Batchelor answers that question from the Bible.
Saving Hamsters
Watching a pet die is never easy. David Edgren shares a story of life and death from his childhood.
Your Bible Questions
Why are the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 different from the Ten Commandments in Deuteronomy 5?