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The Benefits of Being a Christian

What difference does it make being a Christian, anyway? We asked five Christian authors to respond to that question.

January 2006

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Grace in the Delivery Room
Young Robert Rigsby, a medical student, watched his physician father model grace where he would least have expected to see it.
Saved by Grace
Even criminals aren’t hopeless cases in God’s sight. However, Chris Deigan learned that sometimes we have to hit bottom in order to look up.
Challenging Daughters
What should parents do when teens ask for favors that are not in the young person’s best interest?
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Delivered From Bulimia
Debbie Thurber was desperate to overcome her food addiction—but God led her out through a pathway she didn’t expect.
Grace Parenting
From his own experience as a parent, Ron Edmonson offers six suggestions that will help other parents to be more effective.
Do Christians Have to Keep God’s Law?
Some Christians say they are no longer under the law. The editor examines several of their arguments in light of what the Bible says about law.
Where the Bible Came From
How did the Bible’s many authors get collected into one book? Who chose the ones to include? Did any get left out? David Marshall answers these questions.
Grace at 30,000 Feet
Kent Hansen thought life was going along great—until he met Jesus on a plane ride between Chicago’s O’Hare airport and Ontario, California.