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Signs online articles about Prophecy

What Is Armageddon?
It probably doesn’t mean what you’ve been told.
The Bible’s Prophecies About Jesus
They are proof positive of its reliability.
Brexit: When Dreams Collide
The Bible's comment about Britain's exit from the European Union
Fewer Experts, More Prophets
Loren Seibold compares the financial predictions of today’s economists with the predictions of the biblical prophets.
Revelation's Money Meltdown
Is the current global economic crisis foretold in Revelation?
Messages From God
Do we today need prophets, or is the Bible enough?
Is the United States in Bible prophecy?
Could America, the land of liberty, ever become a land of religious persecution? Signs reflects on this possibility in light of Bible prophecy and current trends.
Does God Still Have Prophets?
Keep listening when He speaks.
Is Modern Israel a Fulfillment of Prophecy?
Popular prophetic interpretation says that modern Israel fulfills Old Testament prophecies.
Answer the Phone, America!
Are you ignoring God's call?
Was Luther a Prophet?
An interesting question with a surprising answer.
New Prophets—Who Wants Them?
Is the idea of a modern-day prophet biblical?
True or False
How can we tell whether someone who claims to be a prophet is a prophet? Nancy Canwell explains how to recognize the true from the false.
A Spokesperson for God
In order to represent God to others, we must first know Him ourselves.
Money in the Bank
A tip for investing wisely
Woes of a Prophet
The author's imaginary telling of the biblical story of Jonah gives us a glimpse into what it might be like to be a prophet of God.