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Prayer and Healing
Prayer can be more effective than you might think.
God Hears
Roy A. Borges has spent many years in prison. Through this experience he’s learned to know God, and he shares with us some lessons he’s learned about prayer.
Does Prayer Make a Difference?
Skeptics say No, but Mark Finley says there's evidence the answer is Yes—and it can make a difference in your life.
The Practice of Prayer
A biblical example of how to pray.
What About Unanswered Prayers?
Have you ever said a desperate prayer that God didn't seem to answer? Skip MacCarty responds to the disappointment you feel when that happens.
Praying for a Breakthrough!
And trusting God to do what's best
Why Should I Pray?
Have you ever prayed and prayed for something you never received? Did you feel like giving up? Then read Dan Smith’s analysis of the problem.
Praying for a Miracle
What should you expect to happen when you ask God to intervene in your life or the life of someone you love?
I Learned to Pray
Rodney Davenport Jr. prayed childish prayers even as an adult, until something happened that made his prayers “grow up.”
Can You Change God's Mind?
Curtis Rittenour responds to a significant question about prayer: Does it alter the way God responds to us?
Prayer: It Doesn't Have to Be Hard
Like many Christians, Mauricia Houck didn't think she knew how to pray—till she discovered that it isn't all that complicated.
Making Sense of Unanswered Prayers
Talking to God doesn't always seem to work. The author helps us find peace when He says No.
What About Unanswered Prayers?
It’s easy for us to think that God has abandoned us!