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Living With Children: Dealing With Bossy Children

Living With Children: Disciplining Impossible Children

Five Ways to Survive Parenting a Teenager
Randy Maxwell reflects on what it was like when he and his wife, Suzette, had a teenage daughter living in their home—and how they dealt with her.
Livng With Children: Dealing With Undisciplined Grandchildren

Living With Children: The Persistent Liar

Curing Antisocial Behavior
Living with Children
Living With Children: What Is Discipline?

Living With Children: Sharks

Impressing God on Children
The author asks, Who is most responsible for teaching children about God and salvation, the parents or the church?
Living With Children: Dealing With the Laziest Kid in America

Living With Children
When Curiosity Gets Out of Hand
Living With Children: Protecting Teens

Younger Son, Older Friends
A 14-year-old boy is hanging around with older friends—friends who have their driver’s licenses already. Should the boy’s parents be concerned?
Living With Children: Who Cares?

How Kids Manipulate Us
We've all seen them in shopping centers—kids who control their parents. But what do we do when we get home and discover they are our kids? The author makes some helpful suggestions.
Living With Children: Parenting, Respect, and Leadership

Living With Children
Teen Boys and Pornography
Living With Children: Trust Me!

Challenging Daughters
What should parents do when teens ask for favors that are not in the young person’s best interest?
Living With Children: The Terrible Twos

Living with Children
When Children Say Hurtful Things
Living With Children: When Teens Insist on Going Bad

Living With Children
Teaching Kids to Be Tidy
Living With Children: Kids and Chores

A Psychologist or a Barber?
Children sometimes do strange things. Avoid making too big a deal out of it, says psychologist John Rosemond, or you may make a big deal out of a little deal.
Living With Children: Bedtime Capers

Get Closer to Your Kids
Tips for building a happy relationship with your children.
Living With Children: Getting Ready for School

Living with Children
Taming a Rebellious Child
Living With Children: The Great Vaccination Debate

Hey, Dad, I Love You
Being a dad is a huge responsibility.
Living With Children: Talkative Daughter

Raising Confident Kids
To function well, adults need positive attitudes about themselves. Kay Kuzma gives some tips for helping your kids feel good about themselves.
Living With Children: Rules for Adult Children Living at Home

Living With Children
Calming Childhood Fears
Living With Children: School Hours for Teens

Overcoming Obesity in Kids
The problem of childhood obesity continues to grow at alarming levels. What can parents do to protect their child's future health? An online weight loss coach shows that it all starts in your own backyard.
Living With Children: Micromanaging Parents

Living With Children: Telling Them They're Adopted

Living With Children: Curing the Naked Syndrome
I never cease to be amazed at how easy it is to solve potentially large behavior problems with just a little imagination.
Living With Children
Diagnosis Dispensing Disorder (DDD)
Living With Children: Curing the Moody Teen

When Your Child Is a Bully
. . . he must not only apologize for disrespectful behavior but also tell the person why the behavior was wrong.
Living With Children: Ticket Discipline

Living With Children: Choosing Teachers

Living With Children: Solving Bed-Wetting Problems

Living With Children: Potty Training Blues

Teaching Kids About God’s Laws
Dads can help their kids develop healthy values.
Living With Children: Stepparents

Living with Children
Table Manners for Kids
Living With Children
Attention Overload Disorder
Living With Children: The ADHD Diet

When Daddy Goes Fishing and Mommy Goes to Church
Living Christianity in a divided home can be difficult.
Living With Children: Talking to Kids About School Violence

The Media and Your Kids
Without proper supervision, technology may be harming our children.
Living With Children: Kids Who Want Too Much Attention

Who's in Charge of the Computer Monster?
Do children, including teen-agers, have a “right of privacy” for surfing the Internet? John Rosemond says parents have a responsibility to intervene.
Living With Children
Dealing With a Clingy Child
Living With Children: Negative Child

Living With Children: When Consequences Don't Work

Living With Children: Gifted and Lazy

Get Your Kids Moving
How do you help a child develop an exercise habit that will last for his or her lifetime? Here are some suggestions.
Living With Children: The Ringmaster

When Your Child Is Bullied
Assault is a crime, John Rosemond explains, even if the perpetrator is ten years old, and the juvenile justice system exists to deal with children who are engaging in criminal activity.
Living With Children
On Being Involved With Your Kids
5 Ways to Get Along With Your Teenager
When they live at home