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The Bible: Inerrant or Infallible?
Are there contradictory statements in the Bible?
Why Studying the "Good Book" Is Good for You
God's Word holds many blessings. Val Wright explains the benefits of studying it regularly.
How to Know the Bible Is True
The ultimate proof that the Bible is what it claims to be can never come secondhand.
How Man's Words Became God's Word
Signs looks at your Bible.
Why I Believe the Bible Is God's Word to Me
Charles Mills looks at several ways we can easily misunderstand the Bible and how he has come to accept it as God's Word to him.
The Bible: What's in It for You?
It's a life-changing question.
The Truth Detector
Test everything!
Can We Believe the Gospels?
Did Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John know Jesus personally, or did they make up their stories several decades later?
Why the Bible Is Important!
It’s God’s Word to us.
Why the Bible Endures
It speaks to our deepest needs.
Why You Can Trust the Bible
John Bradshaw shows you why you can rely on God to lead you through your dark and difficult times.
How to Read the Bible
It may seem hard at first, but there are resources that can help.
How Men's Words Became God's Word
A deeper look into how your Bible came to be
Who wrote the Bible?
Is the Bible accurate and reliable?
What Is Truth?
How can you know what is truth and what isn’t?
What Is the Bible?
And what is its purpose?
The Bible: Where It Came From
Signs looks at your Bible.
What Inspiration Means
How God communicates with people
How We Got the Bible
There are many religious books that could have made it into the Bible. George Knight tells us why there are only 66.
Why You Can Trust the Bible
God's Word always delivers.
The Truth Is Out There
Is there an ultimate truth, or does our knowledge constantly change with new information? Loren Seibold asks what this means for our understanding of the Bible.
The Story of the King James Version
The King James Version is the most widely read BIble in the history of the English Bible. Here's the story of how we got it.
Can You Trust the Bible?
It's a Book written several hundred years ago. Is it still reliable today?
God's Bestseller
No book has ever sold as many copies as the Bible—and it keeps on selling! Nancy Canwell explains why it's so popular.
Preach the Word
A solemn charge
The Bible in Your Language
If the Bible was originally in Hebrew and Greek, where did we get our English Bible?
How God Inspired the Bible
Exploring several answers to this question
Finding Hope and Help in the Bible
When you need advice, the Bible is a great place to begin. The author shows how, by examining several texts that provide wise counsel.