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Why Baptism Matters
Is baptism an absolute requirement in order for a person to be saved in God's kingdom?
Why Baptism Matters
The ancient practice of baptism still has relevance today. But only if performed according to the Bible instruction.
Committing to a Cause
Baptism should be based on an informed decision.
Committing to a Cause
When it comes to decisions of faith, we may have more in common with atheists than we think.
The Power of Baptism
What the Bible says about baptism
Is Baptism Really Necessary?
Some people ask why they have to be baptized. Isn't it enough that they love and serve God?
The Conditions for Baptism
Some steps you should take before you get in the water
Time to Say YES
Baptism is a profound way to acknowledge your loyalty to Jesus.
Is Baptism Necessary?
Does our salvation depend on whether we are baptized?
Why Baptism Matters
Isn't it enough to accept Jesus as my Savior? Why do I have to be baptized? Doug Batchelor responds to these frequently asked questions.
Does Baptism Change You?
What’s supposed to happen when you’re baptized? Are you supposed to experience some overpowering feeling? Maylan Schurch responds to these questions.
Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation
Will God let Christians who've never been baptized into heaven? In his answer to this question, Keith Trumbo explains the real meaning of baptism.
Miracle in the Baptistry
Marvin Moore tells a story about an unusual baptism that he performed when he was a pastor in Texas.
How to Prepare for Baptism
Are you thinking about being baptized? Maylan Schurch, a pastor who has baptized many people, shares some thoughts about what you need to do to be ready.
Born Again
When you're baptized, can you expect to live a perfect life from then on? Here's a personal experience.