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The Pyramids and the Afterlife

The ancient Egyptian view of death compared with the biblical view

October 2018

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Why Does a Good God Allow Pain and Suffering?
The answer may surprise youóbut it isnít because He doesnít care.
The Sabbath Community
Sabbath is a day of restóand a day for Godís people to be together.
How Can You Know Godís Will for Your Life?
Itís a question that all Christians have to deal with from time to time.
Food Matters: Foods to Boost Your Brain Power


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Selfies, Scalpels, and Soul Surgery
These days, body image, self-perception, and social media are all tied together.
Seven Ways to Help People in Need
It doesnít have to be money.
Bridging the Great Divide
Divorce doesnít have to mean the end of lifeís happiness.
Learning to Trust the Driver
A story illustrating the importance of trusting God, even in the hard times.
Life and Loss
Your life doesnít have to end with loss.
Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
Discovering your spiritual gifts isnít as hard as it may seem.
Competition or Cooperation?
Which is better: winning or helping?
They have more power than you may think!
Religion in the News

Living With Children: Choosing a College

Discover the Bibleís Answers to Your Questions