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Thanks for gambling article

Your article in the March 2006 issue on gambling is right on. I was married to a building contractor for 25 years who had a bad gambling problem. He dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars on the black jack table. It starts small, but Satan has a way of escalating it before you realize it. After three bankruptcies I couldn’t take it any longer.

Name withheld


I was surprised by your July 2006 “Religion in the News” section. Under “Vietnam legalizes churches,” you state that Ho Chi Minh City is the capital of Vietnam! Actually, Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam.

Ed Storz, email

Editor’s response: Thank you for calling this error to our attention.

Signs online

I just started receiving Signs of the Times® back in January or February, and I enjoy it. However, I went online and wanted to read some back issues. But for some reason, all the articles listed under previous months will not pull up—only two or three of them. How can I pull up all the articles listed for a previous month’s issue? Or can I order some previous magazines?

Nathan Cash, Hamilton, Georgia

Editor’s response: We post only certain articles from each month’s issue on our Web site, but you can order back issues. The price is $2.50 for single copies. We usually have them available for at least three months after the publication date and often longer. To order, call us at 800-545-2449.

Thanks for articles in Signs

Robert McIver’s article “Jesus and The Da Vinci Code” (May 2006) exceeded my expectations for information and approach. Last month I wrote asking for treatment of that issue along with information about the history of the supposedly “forgotten” or “lost” gospels. Ed Dickerson dealt with that matter in an upbeat and information-packed piece (“Did Judas Really Betray Jesus?” July 2006). Thank you.

Wilma Zalabak, M.Div., Smyrna, Georgia

“How real” in Signs?

I’ve been reading Signs for many years. They were very simple and easy to read and understand—then! Now, the covers of the April and July issues are causing doubts by using the words real and really. The April issue had an article titled “How Real is the Resurrection?” and the July issue had an article titled “Did Judas Really Betray Jesus?” Are these titles raising doubts?

Ms. Nona Schmidt, Scandinavia, Wisconsin

Editor’s response: We used these titles not because we doubt nor because we are suggesting doubts but because some people do have doubts, and wording the titles that way may prompt them to read the articles. The articles themselves make it very clear that we hold no doubts about these issues.

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Get Ready for Something New
I’m sure you enjoy a pleasant surprise: An unexpected gift, a small favor, a phone call from an old friend. That’s why I’m excited to share a bit of news with you. The January 2007 issue will introduce a new era in Signs publishing. We have incorporated innovations that will make the magazine more relevant, more versatile, and more friendly than ever.
However, I want to assure you that some values won’t change: Our commitment to serving God, to serving you, and to sharing the gospel and Bible truth. Finally, our Signs team is committed to providing all of this in a top-notch magazine.
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