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Those rocks at Stonehenge cry out for an explanation—and we all know the answer

Call me crazy, but I have come to the conclusion that Stonehenge was not built by a civilized society but was, rather, the result of a chance collision of meteors and fragments in space. If you wish to disprove my thesis, I would ask that you offer evidence that someone designed it and that other intelligent beings cut, moved, and placed those impressive stones. There is no such evidence, is there?

“But everybody knows that some earlier civilization had to shape and erect those stones,” you say. “Anyone would be a fool to conclude otherwise.”

Let’s ask another question: Which is more impressive, Stonehenge or the human body? Stonehenge is simply rocks arranged in a unique pattern, the origin of which remains unexplained to this day, yet we all know that intelligent beings created it. So why shouldn’t the same be true of our complex biological world?

This article you’re reading didn’t just appear as the result of randomly occurring events. You know that someone wrote it, someone else edited it, others printed, mailed, and delivered it, and you opened it. Yet as simple as this magazine is, it pales in comparison to the complexities of your body. Right now you are holding this copy of Signs of the Times® between your fingertips at just the right pressure; you’re reading it with your eyes, and using your mind to understand it. Why? Because a Creator made you with these abilities.

We use logic and faith to explain the origin of Stonehenge. Shouldn’t the logic and faith that credit Stonehenge to intelligent design also credit the existence of humans to intelligent design? Why are millions of thinking people so quick to say that our complex human life evolved by chance over millions of years, yet not one of those people would be willing to make the same argument for the design and construction of Stonehenge? Is it because we want Stonehenge to have been created by intelligent beings, but we aren’t so sure we want ourselves to have been created by an intelligent Being?

I’ve concluded that Stonehenge is not the result of a chance collision of meteors and fragments in space but rather the intentional work of creators who lived thousands of years ago. To believe otherwise would be crazy!

Einer Rom writes from Middletown, Connecticut.

Stonehenge Evolved

by Einer Rom
From the February 2006 Signs